Monday, February 09, 2009

Facebook Is Not Banned In IRAN Anymore;Spies Like It!

From Last week, I am receiving daily more than 20 new friend requests on FB, I don’t know most of them and at the same time heard about fake IDs.

This also happened to me, I notice by chance there is another Omid Habibina, he (they) even added my little sister on FB!

People sometime don’t attention why should accept another ID with the same name?

So they could access some information on FB including address, contacts, networks and monitoring them.

I asked FB immediately delete the fake ID and wrote on my statues bar "PLZ don’t add fakes, I am the only Real Omid Habibinia on FB!"

I also warned some of my friends who add fake ID ;that one is not me, plz delete it and report FB.

I also asked them to let me know about their contacts and learned he (they) asked some personal questions.

Really surprised when I got they added a Swiss girl whom I contacted with her for a film project,so... I guess they should have hacked my Gmail for a period of time.

This has been happening to many people since last months.

I believe there is a center in Tehran organized for such internet attacks.

However the Good news is: FB is not banned in Iran anymore and the Bad news is: They use it as a intelligence action!

So Plz be aware of Facebook Spies and Fake IDs!

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mim said...

Really?! how you find it? as I see it's banned here yet!
all the way I hope it happen! it is so stupidly banning a huge service just like facebook! lol! I can't believe it yet tho since it was banned!!!