Sunday, August 03, 2008

Persain Satellite TV,new challenge for I.R Iran

This is my research paper`s abstract has accepted to be presented in: Global Communication Confrence in Oman. 1

Persian Satellite TV, new challenge for IRI
Omid Habibinia
Media Researcher
IAMCR, IFJ, SJV (Switzerland)

Less than one decade ago, the first Persian Sat TV was received in Iran; but nowadays more than 35 Sat TVs are broadcasting different programs for Iran in abroad, mainly from US and still there will be more.

The appearing Persian Sat TVs channels brought up some socio/cultural changes in the urban areas. As the number of the these channels viewers lifted up to more than 50 percent, the gap between them and the Islamic values got wider and at the same time affected some aspects of daily life in Iran such as media habits, getting news and social discourse.

This study will take a look at the presentations of these channels in Iran and will review the process and the way they approach, facing a dynamic society in Iran; it will try to describe why this market/society needs more channels and alternative media.
the other hand, IRI´s media and specially IRIB are deeply affected by these Sat TV channels. However, since their appearance, they have encountered these channels in three phases: ignorance, enmity and now inactivating.

In Addition, we will take a look to some polls, which have been done by the researcher during last 2 years; these show how young audience, who are the potential viewers of Sat TVs dealing with alternative media and what they expect from them.
Some part of the questionnaires was spread in last summer among 1400 students in Tehran and some universities around the country regarding to expected BBC Persian TV channel. It shows most of them prefer alternative media to reach the news and information for dealing their socio/politics and cultural needs.

The study also tries to show the success and the weak points of the Persian TV programs together with their media policy and a society who is very dynamic and needs for diversity.

A society which has now nearly the most Sat TV channels in the world broadcasted in abroad.
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1-The paper has accepted to persented in the Seven Biennial Confrence on Iranain Studies At University of Toronto ,but I cant manage to present it myself, The Media pannel also canceld due the absence of speechers, This paper also accepted by Global Communication Confrence to be held in October in Universiyt of Oman.


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