Thursday, March 23, 2006

War Has Already Begun!

Signs of Israel and the U.S. towards the showdown with Iran over the nuclear program

At the same day that Mohammad El Baredei’s report on Iran’s nuclear program was referred to U.N. Security Council retired Israeli chief of staff, Moshe Ya'alon, has said Israel could launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear and defense sites. Ya’alon’s speech, broadcasted on an Israeli TV channel, has angered Israel’s army chief Ehud Olmert who has accused Moshe Ya'alon of disclosing classified military information.As the issue of a military strike against Iran intensifies, there are media reports of a possible future attack with NATO’s involvement. The Israeli intelligence have also begun their operation in Iran and have gathered information about suspected sites.Iran has reacted slowly to the events. Iran’s parliament has approved of a motion to suspend the NPT Additional Protocol to forbidden research on Nuclear weapons if Iran’s file is referred to U.N. Security Council. But they are still quiet and hope to got an agreement or concessions. The Guardian has quoted a senior British Foreign Office official saying that Iran needs just one year to acquire technology to develop a nuclear bomb. In fact it is not obvious how Iran’s government gave the IAEA watchdogs highly secret documents on how to make a bomb.News from Tehran shows Iran is ready for a confrontation. The government has planned an economic program in case of a crisis caused by a war or UN sanctions.

Secret military maneuvers are carried out in the south and west of the country. Iran’s Air force and Navy is now at its weakest period and land forces are not highly motivated to fight- they can just cause obstruction and spread war to the entire region.Another hidden war rages in southern and eastern Iran, where US intelligence forces are said to be training ethnic groups to rebel. Last week two young men accused of terrorist attacks, were publicly hanged in Ahwaz in southern Iran..Following John Bolton and Dick Cheney’s speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Washington D.C, where the two leaders stressed on a painful and hard U.S. reaction against the Islamic republic’s nuclear programs, , George W.Bush also said Iran’s nuclear programs were a national danger for USA.This week the U.N. Security Council may give Iran’s negotiators another opportunity for an agreement. At the same time some right wing voices within US foreign policy would like US unilateral action against Iran, such as a 30-day ultimatum. This has called for appeals from peace activists to stop war against Iran!
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